The fourth pig
Once upon a time,there were four little pigs.The first one liked to eat and sleep,the second one was lazy and liked to play,and the third one was diligent.One day,the mother pig said,"Kids,you are grown up now. It's time for you to live by yourselves."
The three of them left and went to build their own houses.The first one used straw to buile his house.He did it quickly because he did not want to spend too much time building the house.After finishing,he went to sleep.
The second one cut trees and built a wooden house."My wooden house will be the warmest."Soon,he finished his work.He invited his brothers to come over and they and snacks together.
After the third one ate his dessert,he said,"I have to go now my brick house isn't finish yet."Then, he left.He kept delivering the brick,cement and sandstone up to the mountaintop.He told himselt,"I'll build a firm house."He worked very hard in the sun.
Finally,his brick house was finished.He felt content and walked into his house to take a rest.At the same time,the big wolf in the woods arrived."The taste of fat and young pigs must be good."The wolf thought.
The first pig was playing outside.He rushed back to his straw house as soon as he saw the big wolf."I could blow away your house with one puff."the wolf roared .He then took a deep breath."Whoosh!"The straw house was blown down."Help!"The first pig raced to the second pig's house.
The second one saw the wolf chasing his brother.He quickly opened the door to let his brother in.The wolf chased it in the door and sneered at them."Watch!"The wolf rammed the door and crashed the wooden house down.The two pigs were frightened and ran up to the mountaintop.
"Open the door.Hurry up."The third pig opened the door and let them in.They stayed in the brick house.This time the wolf had no way to get in the brick house no matter how hand he tried.At last,the wolf sneaked onto the roof trying to get in from the chimney.Howerver,he did not know that a pot of hot water was waiting for him underneath.The wolf fell straight down into the hot water and was badly injured.He raced back to the forest.Last pig,he is writing this story.